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When you decided to buy yourself a motorcycle, whether you were looking for new motorcycles or used motorcycles, you didn’t just pick any old motorcycle that looked OK; you picked a Yamaha motorcycle. 

Yamaha Motorcycles are one of the best in class and most world-renowned options when looking to get yourself a motorbike. However, no matter how good their construction and manufacturing are, Yamaha bikes still require periodic servicing and maintenance that needs to happen to ensure that you’re on the road with one of the best Yamaha motorbikes out there. 

How do I know what to do and when to service my Yamaha? 

The first step is to review the owner’s manual that comes with anyone who’s purchasing any type of Yamaha motorcycle. In there, it will already help to provide you with a schedule to follow for that specific Yamaha motorbike make and model.

If for some reason you failed to get one, you can always reach out to your local Yamaha Dealership, which should be able to provide you with some format of a schedule, so you know when to do everything. 

You want to stick to what the manufacturer tells you because if you’re going to check just online, without checking with a motorcycle mechanic or the Yamaha dealership, you’re going to get a lot of varied answers. 

These may also pertain to all motorbikes, not just Yamaha Motorbikes. If you can provide your Yamaha with this necessary love, you’ll see that the most well-maintained Yamaha bikes can easily last 80,000 km or more. If you want to be able to keep the love going that long, then make sure you follow that schedule. 

What are some of the servicing components that need to be done? 

First, if you’re using one of these Yamaha motorcycles on a daily basis, versus just once in a while, you’re going to want to check certain things much more often. That means you’ll want to check and regularly change the oil, change the cooling fluid and brake pad fluid, and always make sure to periodically check the tyres. In addition, you want to be able to check the tyre pressure and tyre treads to make sure your Yamaha bikes are safe on the road. 

If you’re only riding your Yamaha motorbikes once in a while, or even seasonally, you’ll also want to have the tank loaded with fresh fuel after a long period where you haven’t been riding your bike. 

You’ll also want to ensure that you run the engine for a bit to warm it up, even in the heart of Wollongong, as this will help the engine run smoothly when you first take off. 

Regardless of whether it’s a daily or periodic usage of Yamaha motorcycles, you want to keep it clean. Not just wiping down the frame itself, but make sure there’s no blockage or any type of dirt stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be. You don’t want your motorbike working extra hard due to some type of debris getting into the parts and causing a mess of everything. 

You may feel that you’ll want to handle all of this type of maintenance by yourself, but you really shouldn’t have to. Instead, you want to work with your local Wollongong Motorbikes expert who knows how to handle Yamaha motorbikes and, more importantly, has the genuine motorcycle spare parts needed if your Yamaha needs any parts replaced. 

Sure, you can check the motor oil and tyres periodically but when it comes to replacing the brake pad fluid, or engine oil properly, it’s always best to leave it to professionals. You want to make sure that your motorcycle is ready for the seasonal changes, and if you ask yourself when the best time is to go and get Yamaha bikes serviced, the answer is now because it sounds as if it’s been too long between service checks. 

You may think a spare part is just a spare part, but the way Yamaha motorcycles are built, you want to be able to maintain that quality craftsmanship that comes when using these genuine motorcycle spare parts. 

They’ll be easier to install by your motorcycle mechanic when handling motorcycle repairs and will simply be a better fit for Yamaha motorbikes. You can possibly get extended warranties and guarantees when using genuine motorcycle spare parts, so make sure this is always the case in case you ever need any type of motorcycle repairs. 

Suppose your local Wollongong motorcycle mechanic doesn’t have the part readily available. In that case, we can easily get that part ordered through our network of local Yamaha dealership to ensure that your Yamaha motorcycle is working as intended. 

How do I choose a mechanic to work on my Yamaha? 

Well, of course, as mentioned above, someone that understands how to keep Yamaha motorcycles running great! We at Quick Shift Motorcycles can help tend to all your motorcycle needs. We have you covered whether you’re looking into used motorcycles or want the latest new ones. 

We’ve also got a team of motorcycle mechanics that will get your Yamaha motorbikes or any motorcycles maintained and repaired as needed. Since we’re also a Yamaha dealership, we’re already ready with a large assortment of genuine motorcycle spare parts and have access to get anything else needed directly from the manufacturer. 

We’re proud to be your local Wollongong motorcycles specialist and are happy to offer you an end to end sales and service solution when it comes to Yamaha motorcycles. We want you not only to purchase our high-quality inventory but also to use us for regular maintenance when needed. 

Of course, whenever you purchase new or used motorcycles from us, we help give you some tips to maintain those motorcycles properly and let you know exactly what type of maintenance needs to be done and when. 

We want you to feel free on the open roads with great Yamaha bikes and feel empowered knowing that whenever you take one out for a ride, it’s in peak condition, and you shouldn’t feel concerned or unsafe when riding one. 

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